About Us: Nathan Hedges & Morro Bay Health Insurance Solutions

The Purpose and Direction of Morro Bay Health Insurance Solutions

Nathan Hedges, Owner of Morro Bay Health Insurance SolutionsMorro Bay Health Insurance Solutions is inspired to help the people of the Central Coast choose a plan that works for them.  We will help you improve your bottom line.  Health insurance is ever changing and complex.  There is currently a lot of competition in the Health Insurance market.   There are literally hundreds of plan options. 

People must be able to shop from a local Health Insurance specialist.  Someone you can talk to face to face and that is really in your corner.  Morro Bay Health Insurance Solutions stays informed and educated.  We are constantly studying the new government regulations and insurance company product changes.   As the market changes so do we.   You don’t pay a dime for our years of knowledge and experience.   Morro Bay Health Insurance Solutions is your neighborhood insurance advocate.   

Nathan Hedges, Agent & Owner

Owner Nathan Hedges is a long time Central Coast resident. Born in San Clemente CA and moved to Atascadero in 1989. Nathan graduated Atascadero high school in 1995. Nathan was hired by Combined Insurance Agency after attending Cuesta College. Combined Insurance is owned by The AON Corporation. This is one of the world’s largest insurance companies. This was a job that provided an excellent foundation for future business to business transactions. After getting a taste of some other areas in the state, Nathan wanted to return home and work in the family health insurance agency. Nathan learned about the health insurance field primarily while working with his father at Hedges Health Insurance in Atascadero. After getting married to a Morro Bay gal he moved to the coast and plans to stay for a long, long, time. Nathan loves to stay active outdoors Kayak Fishing and Hiking local trails. He is a wildlife enthusiast that will often practice catch and release fishing. For many years he played on local baseball teams. Nathan is no doubt a huge fan of our national pastime. Currently Nathan serves as a volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels in Morro Bay.

Future of Morro Bay Health Insurance Solutions

The Affordable Care Act puts in place strong consumer protections, provides new coverage options. Morro Bay Health Insurance Solutions gives you the tools you need to make informed choices about your health. We are educated about how the law affects you. The Health care law puts in place reforms that will take place through 2014 and further. We will help your rights, protections, policy choices, and insurance costs quotes. Plans are changing for Small Business, Individual Family, and Seniors. You can lean on us in the coming future.

People are living longer healthier lives today. The major reason is medical and pharmaceutical advances. The benefit of these advances is that life expectancy increases and death rates drop. The cost and delivery of health care changes with the technology. Morro Bay Health Insurance Solutions stays informed about upcoming challenges and opportunities in the health care delivery system with you in mind. The future of Morro Bay Health Insurance Solutions is staying in step with technology for ultimate connectivity and support for customers. We always strive to be the most responsive and accountable Health Insurance Agency this side of Cerro Alto.

Hedges FamilyIt is about family!

I value each of my client relationships and will always be available to help.  I want you to think of me like family.  There for you no matter what.  At the end of the day our family is all we have.  I heard a Pastor once say “HOW you do your job is influenced by WHY you do your job. “  This is something that has stuck with me and I try and implement daily.  My WHY is my family?   HOW I do my job is to the best of my abilities.  I work hard to do a great job for my clients.  I won’t be able to help my family unless I help yours.